Central Park Serenity

She longed for a kitchen that would evoke a serene feeling and offer added functionality for her passion for baking. He, a professionally trained chef, desired a true chef’s kitchen with all the amenities. Together, they dreamed of a space suitable for anything from intimate weeknight meals to cozy holiday celebrations with their extended family to elaborate dinner parties for large groups. They spent several years developing their wish lists and came to us ready to get started.

Their dark, enclosed kitchen was in need of a total overhaul. After assessing load bearing walls, we began to lay out a design that blended the gathering area and kitchen. Removing the wall between the rooms allowed us to construct a massive 11’ island home to a Galley Workstation, freezer drawers and a speed oven. Previously, the clients prepped at a plastic folding table as an extension to the existing island, so this was already a huge improvement! Across the room, the existing drywall pantry closet was removed to make way for a beverage area with double ovens and tall storage for dry goods. A 48” range top, steam oven and convection oven combined to give the clients their dream cooking experience. Under the window, a 45” sink provides a solution to clean up any size mess. Accessories can be found throughout the kitchen, such as spice racks, a pantry pull out unit, roll outs, cutlery dividers and dish drawer dividers. Every item has its place, an important step during any kitchen design process. Last but not least, a stylish towel bar was added to the side of the island, a helping hand for this chef who uses a lot of towels throughout the cooking process.

Let’s talk finishes! The prior kitchen had dark cabinets, dark countertops and stainless steel appliances that were all close to reaching the end of their lifespans. The clients visualized having a calm, Zen-like kitchen, quite the opposite of their current one. This meant selecting finishes that were soft in tone and easy on the eyes. Since our custom cabinetry line allows for any custom color, we began flipping through a Benjamin Moore color deck in search for serene color options. Our clients spent countless hours mulling over paint samples until they settled on a palette of colors that spoke to them. Combining the perfect shades of grey led to light grey perimeter cabinetry with the island a shade deeper to give the kitchen a layer of depth. The walls were then painted a shade lighter than the perimeter cabinetry to keep the focus on the cabinetry. A soft, understated and absolutely gorgeous marble was chosen for the tops. We were left with a very cohesive blend of greys that gave us the serene feeling we were hoping for. Looking through metal finishes, brushed nickel hardware and faucets were decided upon in keeping with the relaxed theme. Paneling the dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer drawers allowed us to maintain a furniture look throughout the kitchen as to not draw the eye to an overabundance of stainless steel.

The gathering area armoire was repainted the island color to keep the palette cohesive and a new, tiger maple table was designed and crafted through our nest by Jarrett Design line of cabinetry. The chandelier, chairs and island stools bring warmer colors to the kitchen for added depth and interest. Alas, the two rooms are blended perfectly and hold true to the ‘serenity with functionality’ dream we were all working toward from the start of the design process!

Awards: LVBA Award Winner, 2020