Gardener’s Delight

A bunch of fresh, delicious garlic scapes was one of the perks of designing a kitchen with a master gardener of spices and veggies. Improved functionality for harvesting and storing spices and other garden bounties was at the top of the wish list. More counter space for prepping, especially around the cooking surface was a must. A prep sink on the island would help alleviate the traffic around the main sink for the coffee lovers in the house. The couple desired a bright, contemporary vibe with colors that complimented existing stone walls in the home.

Angles were all the rage in kitchen design twenty years ago and this kitchen suffered the consequences. The ovens were angled which dictated an angled wall which meant the island corners had to be clipped resulting in barely any counter space flanking the cooking surface; an unfortunate domino effect. Our client initially resisted removing the angled wall and changing the footprint of the island due to fears from a prior renovation gone bad. She was concerned that the floor could not be refinished properly. We assured her that our contractor could execute the challenge to her satisfaction and proposed a design that made it obvious to her that it was worth taking the chance. Removing the angles opened up the space tremendously. We moved the cooking surface from the end of the island to the wall, resulting in generous counter space on either side. This also created a beautiful focal point that is seen from the eating area and family room. The island straightened out for lots of uninterrupted prep space with a prep sink. There was even enough room to add the coffee and baking center on an out of the work zone wall that had previously stood empty. This cabinet and another in the work zone serve to hide small appliances in just the right spots.

Most design meetings were attended by Lorraine Durkin, our clients’ trusted interior decorator. Lorraine added fun to the project in more ways than one. She brought levity to our meetings with humor and design support while sourcing fabulous lighting and furnishings that make the space even more special. She weighed in on finishes, door styles, and plumbing fixtures. A soft grey stain on walnut paired with a beautiful shaded white brightened the space and complimented the stone perfectly. Brass and black metals add that appreciated pop. Quartz counter tops welcome all the veggies. Our inset cabinetry featuring a sleek door style, while chock full of accessories, looks as good as it performs. Oh, and the floor looks beautiful, too!