Mountain Home Remodel

Up a winding steep road, perched on top of a private hill rests this gorgeous stone and stucco home just begging for an interior remodel. The project began with a focus on renovating the kitchen as well as installing new flooring in surrounding rooms to help blend the first floor together. As the project progressed, the decision was made to renovate just about every square foot of the home. Starting in the kitchen, we removed the wall between the kitchen and the dining room to make way for a massive 12-1/2’ island in the middle of the kitchen. With the kitchen now split into two walkways, we decided to position the main work area along the larger wall and adjacent side of the island. This space is reserved solely for the main cook’s prep work, cooking and clean up. The opposite side of the island is open to traffic coming in and out from the dining room and sliding doors out to the patio. Under the window, we installed a second sink for those summer days that may require a second cook to prep inside, grill outside, then clean up at the second sink without interrupting the main cook’s work zone. This section of the kitchen also doubles as a dedicated space to set out food and drinks while entertaining guests. To conceal appliances, we designed a wall-to-counter appliance garage wide enough to house a blender and toaster, as well as 12” deep storage on the back of the island for overflow items. High end appliances paired with a large pantry create a lovely experience for even the most demanding chef that may step foot in this kitchen.

Next up, we made our way into a 1500 square foot pool room. The homeowner opted to close up the pool in order to repurpose this room for events such as family gatherings and dinner parties. The wishlist comprised of a fully functional kitchenette, a new stone fireplace, two couches and a coffee table, a dining table that can seat a dozen guests and a game area. With a large number of finishes to blend together, this was a perfect challenge for a design firm such as ours. When dealing with an overwhelming amount of square footage in a single room, it’s always a good idea to start with flooring. We knew it would be best to select a subtle yet natural-looking material that would go well with the stone fireplace and wood ceiling as well as the furnishings. Large scale porcelain slate was selected due to its natural look and beautiful color. From there, we developed a moody theme for the kitchenette that consisted of a dark charcoal stain on cherry and black soapstone tops. A stunning reclaimed chestnut bar steals the show, acting as a focal point to the kitchenette. After sampling a number of paint colors, we fell in love with a light grey that provides the perfect amount of contrast to the dark floors.

Heading upstairs to the master bath, we removed carpeting as well as pink and white tile to make way for a contemporary freestanding tub, glass enclosed shower and custom vanities that match the cherry stain used on the kitchen island. We were fortunate to provide professional input on other rooms of the home including five additional bathrooms as well as several other finishes scattered throughout the house. We cannot be more thankful to have worked with such wonderful clients and a brilliant team of contractors on this extensive, joyful project!