Promise Lane Bath Remodel

This bathroom needed help as it was tired, dated and cramped! The vanity area was open to the master bedroom and sandwiched between a closet and existing bathroom wall. Behind the bathroom wall, was a second sink, a small walk-in shower and the commode. A poorly placed linen closet ate into the area and there was a soffit over the shower adding to the cramped feeling. The ceiling was cluttered with old-school heating lamps, flush-mount fixtures and ventilation grills. The “movie star” lighting meant to add some glamour only made the bathroom feel dated and sad. Our clients wanted to bring this bathroom to life.

We built a wall and added a door between the bedroom and bathroom to ensure more privacy and define the space. In addition, we removed the wall separating the actual bathroom and vanity area to make the master bathroom larger. The linen closet was also taken out so the shower could be expanded significantly. Our homeowner had recently suffered a knee injury so they were looking for future solutions that would work for them as they continued to age. We made the shower large enough to include a bench and installed a handheld sprayer located near the seat. Shower walls were reinforced so that when the day came that a grab bar was needed, they would be ready.

We added a tall cabinet that featured two, deep rollouts and interior shelving to keep linens and bathroom supplies organized. Beneath the sinks, we included rollout drawers so items would not get lost in those dark areas under the plumbing. Everything that had been cluttering the ceiling was removed including the shower soffit and heat lamp. With those gone, we added evenly-spaced, recessed ceiling lights to help brighten the space making it safer and more practical.

We chose a custom blue-green paint for the cabinets which was understated enough to provide a sense of serenity while still offering a splash of color to help liven up the room. Walnut-framed mirrors added a touch of warmth and the patterned floor tile made the whole room fun! An old bathroom came alive!

Awards: LVBA Award Winner, 2019