Saucon Valley Classic

His interest in gadgets and technology coupled with his passion for cooking got him thinking it might be time to remodel the kitchen and swap old appliances with new ones for an enhanced cooking experience. She wasn’t sure they needed to renovate but did regret that the existing island was positioned so that she could not seat the entire, extended family together for holiday dinners. They both found the kitchen dark and lacking in appropriate storage. With their list of concerns in mind, we got to work!

The primary work triangle was cramped into the darkest corner of the kitchen so we expanded the work area to more appropriately fill the room and looked for ways to bring in additional light. This meant moving and widening a pass-through so it looked out on the home’s pool and garden. We positioned the sink under the opening so our homeowner could enjoy the view while doing dishes. Centering the pass- through also allowed us to gain additional storage space in the upper cabinets and design an architectural arch that would serve as a focal point for the entire kitchen, something the previous design lacked. To further expand the work area, Sub Zero refrigerator and freezer columns featuring paneled doors, flanked both ends of the pass-through wall. A Wolf induction range was positioned on an opposing wall and a large wood hood over the range offered reliable venting and visually balanced the space. Finally, strategically positioned glass cabinet doors and white, painted cabinets helped brighten the room.

The island housed numerous appliances that were crowded together and did not relate efficiently to other workspaces in any clear, logical way. The island also lacked useful space to store dishes and pots and pans and it blocked the seating area so that the dining table could not be expanded to its fullest capacity. Combating these challenges, we eliminated the two-tier countertop to allow for more counter seating and shifted the entire island over so that it related better to the adjacent workspaces. A steam oven was positioned near the refrigerator and an under-counter wine refrigerator moved to the end of the island, away from workflow traffic. Large rollouts and dish drawers now provide much-needed storage and, rather than use traditional legs or posts, we utilized easy-to-access, 12” deep base cabinets on both ends of the island for additional storage. Most importantly, by shifting the island, we were able to widen the aisleway, enabling the family to be seated together at a single table.

In a hallway just outside the kitchen, our client had a desk where she liked to work. Post-it notes in a variety of shapes and colors were scattered around her desk and it overflowed with books, piles of mail, electronic devices, and more. The clutter and post-it notes often found their way into the kitchen as she depended on the sticky notes as a reliable method to help her keep track of daily to-dos. Both she and her husband were eager to find a way to manage the sprawl. A desk and wall-to-counter cabinet featuring bi-folding, pocket doors, afforded our client the opportunity to work and spread out but also the ability to close the doors for a quick “tidy up” as needed.

Storage solutions extended to other areas of the kitchen as well. A knife drawer and spice organizer were positioned strategically next to the range and an adjustable, pull-out cabinet was placed under the built-in coffee maker to store mugs and supplies. A cabinet next to the brick fireplace and mantle concealed a small television and fire wood. The mantle, made out of reclaimed barnwood and crafted by a local artisan, beautifully finished off the fireplace wall.

Our clients are enjoying their bright new kitchen, state-of-the art appliances, and ample storage space. The family has relished their holiday dinners together in the new space where everyone can toast and chat at the large dining table.

Credits: Forward Social Photography, Margaret Pook Interior Design LLC, Susan Washington Featured Artwork, Steve Kauffman Renovations

Featured: Houzz Kitchen Of The Week June 2019, Lehigh Valley Style September 2019, Houzz Top 15 Kitchen Coffee Stations September 2019

Awards: LVBA Award Winner, 2019